Reallusion City Guide

Reallusion City is a virtual world which provides you with the ability to share/buy/sell your contents to any users. With the different levels of membership, it allows you to either have a personal shop or open a store with some of your friends to share the profit. Reallusion City is a platform from which you can launch your creative ambitions, and share your talents and inspirations with other in the community. It allows you to display your own unique content for any user to preview, and also provides the option to initiate a live demo for anyone who browses your shop/store.

Follow the guidelines below to quickly start your shop/store:

How to manage your portal?

How to manage your shop?

How to add elements to Portal, Shop or Store?

How to change the banner of your portal/shop?

How to upload content?

How to use the uploader?

How to edit content?

Why is the content unavailable?

How to create/edit a combo pack?

How to not set image header for each content item?

How to remove an item from pack?

How do I know if the content is a base model or not?

How to set price for your item or pack?

How to display your pack/item?

How to differentiate between draft content and publish/hidden content?

Why is the add to cart button disabled?

How to Send/Manage Messages?

How to create or join a store?

How to manage your store?

How to buy points?

How to cash out?

How does DRM work?

How to create DRM content?

How do I know if it's a DRM content or not?

Hints and Tips: How to increase your customer base?

How to manage your portal?

You can manage your portal by clicking "Manage My Portal" at the top right of your page and login with your Reallusion member account.

Portal Builder

  1. Click the "Portal Builder" button for the portal builder page.

  2. You can click "Add More" to choose the modules you want to add to your portal page.

  3. Drag and drop any modules to arrange them in any layout you wish.

  4. Click the "Preview" button to view the arrangement.

  5. Click the "Save" button once you are done.

  6. Click the "View Portal" button to see the final result.

Portal Theme

You may select a general color scheme and layout for your entire webpage from a number of preset templates provided by Reallusion City.

  1. Click the "Portal Theme" button to choose one of the themes to apply.

  2. You can even use the "Custom CSS" function to replace the original CSS style by copying and pasting the CSS codes.

Note: Previous CSS might be cached in your computer. If you cannot see the update after saving the modified CSS, please empty your cache first and try again.

How to manage your shop?

Shop Builder offers you the ability to add modules and edit your profile, similar to Portal Builder. However, you cannot move Profile, Content Categories and Banner Area in the shop builder.

  1. Click the "Manage My Portal" button from the top-right and login.

  2. Click the "Shop Builder" button to arrange your shop layout.

  3. You can click the "Add More" button to add modules.

Note: Profile, Content Categories, and Banner Area modules cannot be moved or deleted. These 3 modules will not disappear when users switch module pages while other modules will become hidden when users click any category or search content.

  1. You can select the modules provided by Reallusion or select a custom module type, such as rich text, video, or photo.

  1. After you have added the modules you want to add, you can then drag and drop modules to arrange their orders.

  2. You may even click "Edit" to modify the content of the module.

  3. Click "Preview" to check the layout.

  4. You may click "Save" to save, then click "View Shop" to see the final result.

How to add elements to Portal, Shop or Store?

There are several elements you can add to enhance and organize the appearance of your page.

Element Type


Your Header

The header always stays at the top of the page.

When you edit the page, you can modify the text font and color of the text.

This is also a place where you can configure your banner.

Your Footer

The footer always stays at the bottom of the page.

You may only edit the names in this field.


Element Type


This field shows the best selling contents in the store. In this section you may enter the title and description of the hot content section. You may also set the maximum number of items to display.

Displays all the contents you have produced in the current store. You may also manage the number of items you want shown in this section.

Displays the latest forum posts. From here you may give a forum post title and set the number of posts to show. You may select to display the title only or title and abstract (displays small sections of the posting.) You may also include a general description about this forum section.

List the content packs created by your recommended authors. You may enter more than one author by separating author names with commas.

You may use Rich Text editor to add messages, images, videos, widgets and YouTube links to your page.

Add a list of your favorite sites or web pages by entering the URL link publishing it on your site.

Displays images by chosen author or tag from Flickr or Picasa. Within the configuration window you can enter the source either from Flickr or Picasa, and enter either the username or tag with displaying directions. Then, you can set the number of images to display in the photo slider.

Displays video clips by a chosen author or tag from YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion. You need to choose from one of the sources and then enter the username or the tag. You can also define the number of videos displayed.

Add an RSS feed from any site that provides it. After you enter the RSS feed, you may customize it by number of articles displayed, and you can also modify the display format to either full article or abstract.

Displays your member status in Reallusion City. You may enter a title/description to display on top of the page. You can use a forum avatar or upload an avatar image to place as the profile image.

Place a message board on your page, so other members can leave a public/private message. Enter a title of your message board and a default message to show to members.

Displays widgets hosted in Reallusion by Widget ID. You can get the widget ID from WidgetCast's "manage" section. Only the widgets that have been uploaded onto the Reallusion server are eligible for a widget ID. This is for widgets that support JavaScript functions such as dragging.

You can also add your own customized widget using the rich text editor.

When you go to other members� shop/store, you can add any of the contents to your wish list and purchase them at any time. With this element you can display your wish list on your own page.

You may choose the contents you want to promote in your shop/store. By using this feature you can attract buyers to your store by featuring the newest and best content.

How to change the banner of your portal/shop?

Once you choose a general theme for your portal or shop, you can also place a banner to overlay on top of your theme with image or text.

  1. Access to "Manage My Portal".

  2. Click the Portal Builder/Shop Builder at the left panel and edit Your Header/Banner Area.

  3. Start to configure your banner by adding an image URL in the Background field or click to add image URL.

How to upload content?

By using the "Upload Content" function you can publish contents to display in your shop.

  1. Click the "Manage My Portal" button if you have not already logged in.

  2. Click the "Upload Content" button if you have not yet downloaded the Reallusion Content Uploader.

  3. Download the installer by clicking on the link and install the uploader by following the instruction below.

  4. Starting from Jan. 2010, all the members are required to agree with CCD terms of services before submitting contents. If you haven't, you will see the following dialogue. Please click "Yes" and you will be redirected to the CCD page to read the terms of services.

  1. After you've logged in, you can drag and drop any supported content into the uploader. You can then edit the content information one by one, or select multiple contents and give them the same information, e.g. according to price or content pack ID.

For more information regarding each field, please refer to Uploader Help.

  1. Once all the required fields are filled, you can either upload as draft content to edit later, or upload and publish directly.

Note: Each member is allotted to 100MB space for draft content. There is no size limitation on published content.

How to use the uploader?

After you have downloaded the uploader, you can directly upload your content onto your shop/store.

Left Panel


Add new contents to your shop/store.


Remove any added contents from your shop/store.

Right Panel


You must login to you member account first before you can upload your contents to your store.


You may replace the existing content.


Type of file: iClone or WidgetCast.


The version that the iClone/WidgetCast file holds.


The category of the file you are uploading. The option list changes according the type of software it is holding.

iClone: Stage, Actor, Animation, Set, Project, Material and Head.

WidgetCast: Flash Component, Project and popVideo.


Certain categories may include sub-categories, such as �animations for hand motion� under the �animations� category.


The price you set for the specific item.

Swf File Name

You may create a preview swf for WidgetCast contents. This is for WidgetCast only.

Please refer to Uploader Help if you encounter any problems.


You may place a description of your content.

Preview Image

Place a preview image that will attract other users to your content.

Optional Info

The section allows you to attach additional information to your files when you are uploading flash contents or a clip to YouTube.

Content Page Header

You may upload a banner image for your content.

Content Thumbnail

Design a thumbnail for your content.

YouTube URL

If you have a video to promote your content, you set a link.

Content Store Pack ID

If the target content is selling in the content store, you can add the ID to this field.


Placing tags to allow buyers easier find your content.

Trial enable

Set to have limitation on the selected content.

Embed watermark

Use this function to create a DRM function.

Upload Draft

Preview the information and items you just uploaded.


Finalize the content information you have just entered to your shop/store.

How to edit content?

The Content Editing option appears only when you have contents in the store. This function allows you to edit, publish and hide all content. Click the "Edit Item" to edit contents.

  1. Click the "Edit Item" to edit contents.

  2. You can click the "Edit" icon to change the price, description, item name, or other item information. 

Note: You may hide your items by selecting "Hide" in the item status window. Please be aware that if you do this, users who have not purchased your items will no longer have any way to do so; however users who have purchased the item previously may still download it. You may also select "Hide Selected Content from My Shop" to hide the ones you have selected.

  1. Select "Publish Selected Content to" to publish the items you have selected to your store.

  2. "Publish Selected Content to" to publish the ones you have selected to a particular store.

  1. You can also toggle to the "Publish/Hide" option to determine if you want the item to be public/private.

  2. If you want to sell some items in a particular store, you can multi-select to choose the contents and click the "Publish Selected Content to" button. Then choose a store name from the drop-down menu.

Note: You can use "Content Publishing" in the left navigation panel to hide or remove contents from the store. But if you are not the owner of the store, you do not have the right to unhide contents.

  1. If you want to hide the content from your shop, select the contents you wish to hide and click the "Hide Selected Content" button.

Note: Content Publishing section allows you to manage the items and packs in stores.

Why is the content unavailable?

It may either be hidden by the author or may also be only available for sale within a pack as opposed to individually.

How to create/edit a combo pack?

Create Pack allows you to create a bundle pack. A good example of a bundle pack is one that includes a character as well as various motions available for that character.

  1. Click "Create Pack" from the navigation panel.

  2. Click the "Add New Item" in the "Composed by" section.

  3. Select the items you want to add into the pack and click "Add to Pack".

  4. The number of the selected items that is added to the pack is displayed right in the "Total Value".

  5. The "Replace" button allows you to replace the default image file.

  6. Complete all the other required fields and click "Save" to save as draft or "Publish" to your viewers.

  7. You may click "Edit Pack" to edit/publish/hide the existing packs.

How about not setting image header for each content item?

You may either choose not to place an image header or you may just choose a default banner.

How to remove an item from pack?

You can remove an item from a pack by pressing the delete button on the target item row.

How do I know if the content is a base model or not?

If the content contains material from a base model, the following message will be displayed on the target page:�This is a derivative content from the following base content.

How to set price for your item/pack?

There are two ways for you to set the price for your item/pack. Once you are in the "Manage My Portal" section, you can click Edit Item or Edit Pack to modify the price you have set.

If you are setting the price for multiple items in the uploader, you can simply input a new value and all the prices for the content you have selected will be overwritten with the new value. For example, if you have two items selected and proceed to set a new price, the price for both of the selected items will be set to the new one you have just inserted.

How to display your pack/item?

Click on the�Edit Item/Pack�to access to all of your content. Check any of the content items you want to display on either the�shop/store�and select "Publish Selected Content to" then choose a place where you wish to display the selected content.

How to differentiate between draft content and publish/hidden content?

Draft content is content that you have yet to publish or content that is temporarily unavailable for purchase on your store, whereas published items are visible and visitors can buy them. If you want to temporarily take down or modify an item that is currently published, you have the option to hide that item.

Why is the "Add to Cart" button disabled?

It may either be you have purchased the content previously or the content is presently unavailable.

How to Send/Manage Messages?

Manage Center allows you to manage all your public and private messages. You can even set a notification that will notify you immediately via email once a new message is received.

Send Message lets you to directly send messages to your friends or to the users who have purchased your content. "View Sent Messages" lists all the messages you have sent.

How to create or join a store?

There are three levels of Reallusion membership, only VCD members can apply for a store. Once you are approved for store ownership you can allow a group of friends to join your store and share the profits that the store has earned.

  1. Click "Participated Stores".

  2. If this is your first time to participate in a store, you will be provided with the option to create one.

Note: Each Veteran CCD Member can only have one store.

  1. Once you have clicked the "Create" button you will be asked to enter a store name (e.g. iClone fan club) and create a store URL of your preference (e.g.

  1. You can click "Check Unique" to check the availability of the Group name or URL.

  1. After clicking on "Create", a new identity will then be added to your "Reallusion City Account" drop down menu. By switching identities, you can manage your personal shop or store.

Store Management shows the stores you own and the stores you have joined. Once you have agreed to join a particular store from other store owners, the stores you joined will be listed below.

How to manage your store?

When you are an owner of a store, there will be a lot for you to manage. If you switch your identity to group owner, you will see the "Store Management" link on the left navigation bar. You can then change the store content submission policy and the default profit sharing rate.

  1. You can also manually dispatch store points to store vendors and adjust the profit sharing rate. The point balance is the total points that are left in your account. You may even check your transaction history.

Note: The percentage means the profit sharing percentage that the author receives. The default percentage is 75%. In other words, when a user pays 100 points for an item, the author will receive 60 points (100 * 80% to store/author * 75% to the author) while the store receive 20 points (100 * 80% to store/author * 25% to the author).

  1. To invite new members, you can click "Invite Vendor". You must type in their email addresses, customize their invitation message, and send invitation emails to them. Their names will appear in your vendor management list once they have agreed to join your store.

  1. There are a number of vendor management options. You can determine who can submit content to the store, help vendors review content, invite/remove vendors, and maintain the joint portal and store. Store owner and administrators can send out messages on behalf of the store to all store vendors by clicking "Send Message".

Note: There are two ways to send messages to other members of the group. If you are logged in under your personal username, when you send messages your name will appear as the sender. But if you have logged in under the store name, when you send messages the store name will appear as the sender.

How to buy points?

When you are running out of points to buy content, simply click "Buy Points" to purchase additional points for your member account.

How to cash out?

Once you have become a VCD Member, you gain the significant benefit of being able to turn your virtual money into real money. Basic CCD Members can only use earned points to purchase content.

  1. Click "Cash Out" at the top right.

  2. Login to your CCD account and you will be directed to the CCD payment query page.

  3. In addition to USD shared from the content store, you will see the points gained from Reallusion City in another table. You can either keep the points for purchasing other content, or you can cash out when the points have accumulated to a certain amount (currently equal to USD $50 or higher).

  4. From the drop-down list, you can select the amount you want to cash out, for example, USD $50, and click "Submit".

  5. After clicking "Submit", you shall see 5,000 points are deducted from "Current Balance" and USD $50 is added to "BackStage due payment" and "Total Due Payment" in the first table.

  6. Your "Total Due Payment" will be processed in the next CCD paid period.

How does DRM work?

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is the protection management system that has been established for iClone content. If any content does not contain DRM, users may easily spread content free of charge. DRM is put in place to protect user content from being copied without authorization. Freebie content can also contain DRM, however the price is free, so any user can simply download it without the need to pay. This way you can build your own customer base.

How to create DRM content?

When you upload your content, you may check "embed watermark" in the uploader to enable DRM protection on your item(s).

How do I know if content contains DRM or not?

You may right-click on the item in iClone to see if it shows "Buy this item/pack". If the "Buy this item/pack" option is showing, then the iClone content is protected by DRM.

Hints and Tips: How to increase your customer base?