What’s City (Beta)
Reallusion City is a social network and digital content marketplace where people can meet, chat and exchange their unique designs and content. You can customize your own web space with your own personalized look, develop content for the various Reallusion product platforms, and connect with new people from around the world. With a variety of active users globally, Reallusion City is the world's most unique online 3D user-to-user marketplace, where practically anyone can try other talented developers for FREE or buy it after you are satisfied.

"Reallusion City provides developers with the opportunity to sell their own content in their own way, and the freedom to publish and sell it as they see fit. Reallusion has published roughly 5,000 items in the last four years. So far, our developers have published over 6,000 items within two months (updated in Sep 2010). This allows for a more dynamic and vibrant marketplace that will stimulate creativity and produce new and innovative content that can fit the timely needs of those undertaking their own iClone projects."

- Reallusion Developer Marketing Manager

What You Can Do in City (Beta)
Meet Talents
Chat with and meet new friends who are also interested in digital media.
Sell Design
Become a Reallusion developer and learn how to start a small business.
Custom Space
Collect and display your favorite media and customize your own web space.
Share Creation
View and appreciate the featured movies shared by 3D artists around the world.
Available Services in City (Beta)

After you become a citizen of Reallusion City, your member profile will be displayed in the City home page and become searchable.  In this lounge area, you will be able to access the portal pages of other citizens, as well as view their videos and access other Web 2.0 services.

Reallusion City’s Marketplace is designed to give 3rd party developers more freedom when marketing and selling their content.  In addition to the ability to sell individual items, developers no longer have to wait for approval from Reallusion’s Content Store in order to sell their content, a change that will allow fresh new products to become available for purchase immediately. 

Reallusion City’s Theater is the place to watch everything from product demos to user showcases, as well as tutorials for Reallusion software!  Tune into City’s Theater and view tutorials that demonstrate how the pros use iClone to create premium content.

The heart of Reallusion City is where developers, artists, and other talents can communicate with each other, exchange ideas, and get help with their latest projects. 

The Reallusion Blog is constantly updated with the newest and most interesting developments at Reallusion including trade shows, industry news, hints and tips, as well as new product and content announcements.  It’s the easiest way to follow Reallusion as we move forward into the frontiers of computer animation. 

Submit Your Feedback
Since Reallusion City related services are still under development, and some exciting features are on the way for your experiences, Reallusion City’s service team will start to collect your feedback and frequently reply to your inquiries. Please feel free to throw in any of your ideas and wishful features, as they will be very helpful in helping us to craft your dream community.

You may also check out the temp City Help to know how it works.