Citizen – Confirm Your ID
Check Your Profile
After you become a Reallusion citizen, you will be able to provide more info in your member profile. The most important part is to upload your desired profile image to give yourself an identity in City that people can recognize you by. You may log in to Reallusion forum to change it easily. Reallusion will also automatically synchronize the member database to display your achievements in the Reallusion community.
Get Badges
Reallusion membership: Basic, Premium, Premium Plus
How many uploaded content items in your shop: 10, 50, 200, 500
How many posts you have made in the forum: 10, 50, 200, 500
The number of awards you have won in Reallusion competitions
Certificate for Reallusion Certified Director (Featured Movie)
More about Certification Program
Certificate for Reallusion Certified Content Developer (Content Pack)
More about Certification Program
Certificate for Reallusion Certified Trainer (3rd-party tutorial)
More about Certification Program
Tell Us About Yourself!

To be well displayed and searchable in the City home page, you may consider filling in more info about yourself in the Citizen Form (available in late Sep) with more detailed info about yourself, including personal interests, special talents, featured works, etc.